These are the software tools I use, Click on the name to go to the vendor's website..

Cisco's tool to manage ASA firewalls.. You can download this from any ASA..

Cisco CDR Time Converter
Cisco's tool to convert time to your local time..

Tool to analyze wireless networks..

Microsoft Network Monitor
Used to capture packets and analyze protocols..

Useful tool than normal Notepad. Can open, edit and compare multiple configuration files..

Remote Phone Control
Used to Monitor & Control Cisco IP Phones remotely..

SSH client which can store sessions and open multiple windows..

Speed Test app
Useful windows app which can test internet speed. Can be used in mobile too..

Used to ping TCP port of a server/device. It's an addon to the windows command prompt..

Desktop sharing app through internet..

Wi-Fi Analyzer app
Android app to analyze wireless networks..

Used to capture packets and analyze protocols..

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