Sunday, June 11, 2017

Basic Installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 in VMware Workstation

Download the ISO file, you can do this from original Microsoft site as an evaluation copy too.
Next go to the VMware and go to File > New Virtual Machine > Typical > I will install the operating system later and select Windows Server 2012 and specify the name if the server and the location to be installed.
60 GB will be enough for the hard disk space for my labs and I will store it as a single file.
It is better if you can give at least 4 GB for RAM and all the CPU cores available.
Don't forget to select the ISO image file from the CD ROM of the VM and make sure it is ticked to connect at power on before you begin.

Now let's start installing it by powering on the VM..

It willtake some time to pop this up.
Select your preferences and hit Next..

(click on the images to view in full size)

I am selecting the standard server with a GUI..

From this step onward, it is like installing a normal Windows PC operating system.. Just choose your preferences and hit Next..

After the installation, it will reboot and ask for the password of the Administrator account..

After the settings are finalized, you will be able to login from the Administrator password you gave..
You will see the following Dashboard..

Now it's better to install the VMware tools for smoother operation..
Go to VM > Install VMware tools
Now Go to Start Menu of the Server 2012 > This PC and double click on the CD ROM which will lead you to install VMware tools.. Just few Next, Nexts, it will be done and will reboot the machine..

First thing you will need is to change the IP address to a static IP, you will need to turn off or add some exceptions to the Firewall of the Server to allow pings from your routers to check the connectivity.. Both those activities are just like in your Windows PC..

By default it will assign it self a hostname .. You can change it from the Properties of This PC, just like you do in your Windows PC. It will ask for a reboot..

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