Saturday, April 22, 2017

Setup PAC Manager in Ubuntu 14.04 (U14-TT) - Free Alternative to SecureCRT

If you are going to use Linux and free software you will need a SSH client like SecureCRT to access your network devices remotely. SecureCRT is a widely used industrial SSH client but it is not free. Of course you can use the Linux terminal itself but you will face limitations like session management etc. Here is the free solution, PAC Manager.  Actually it is more advanced than SecureCRT..

Be the root user..
sudo su

Download PAC Manager..
wget ''

Install the package..
dpkg -i download

If the installation process stopped due to a dependencies problem enter the following command..
apt-get install -f

Try Installing the package again..
dpkg -i download

Now open the app..

Click on New Connection & give the ip address and the username, pw.. Save and Close.

Now click on the session name and you will log in..

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