Saturday, April 22, 2017

Add a Device in Cacti with SNMP v2c & Monitoring

If you want to install Cacti on Trusty (Ubuntu 14.04) workstation, please refer this & if you want to how to add Monitor plugin please refer this.

I am  going to add a Cisco Router..

Log in to Cacti and go to Console -> Devices

Click Add at the upper right side corner..

Now Fill the blanks as following.. (click on the image to view in full size)

Give the IP address of the Host name..
Tick Monitor Host..
Select ICMP Ping as Downed Device Detection & ICMP Ping as Ping Method..
Select Version 2 as SNMP version..
Give your Community String to SNMP Community..
Hit Save..

Now let's see the router side configuration..

Give the Community String with read-only rights..
R(config)#snmp-server community TEST r0

To allow SNMP traps to be sent to Cacti..
R(config)#snmp-server enable traps
R(config)#snmp-server host <ip address of Cacti> version 2c TEST


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