Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Deploy vWLC on EVE / UNL

Deploying a WLC with initial configuration wizard is very simple in any environment (WLC appliance or in virtual environment). Here is how I did it in Emulated Virtual Environment (EVE).
Wizard will be same even in actual physical hardware.

There is something you should know if you are going to do it using the vWLC (Virtual WLC) software. You should understand how the Service Port and the Management Port is represented in the EVE workspace, otherwise you will not be able to get connectivity to other network devices and even to an Access Point. Service Port is used for out of band management of the box while the primary access method / port which will be connected to switches and APs will be the Management Port. Primary difference of these 2 ports is that the Management Port is the only port which can be configured with a default gateway. This is true for physical WLC as well. The problem is; you can only see 2 Gig interfaces when you drag a vWLC to the working space. But there is no Gig interface configuration in vWLC.

You should consider;
G0/0/0 = Service Port
G0/0/1 = Management Port

Configuration is done through a wizard.. You can see what I have entered in the following capture.
vWLC version I am using is

In EVE, you can use cloud devices to connect to external devices. This is important because you cannot emulate access points. You will have to connect your vWLC in EVE to a POE switch and connect an actual AP. If you don't know how to do it please read Connect Virtual Devices in UNL/EVE to External Physical Devices

In the questions of the wizard, what is in the square brackets is the default answer. Which means if your answer is the answer in the brackets, you can simply hit Enter. You can see whether I have typed a different answer other than the default on the capture if the answer field is not empty. If it is empty, I have given the default answer by hitting Enter..

My EVE is configured with the pnet0 connecetd to the NAT (VMnet8) network and the pnet1 connecetd to the VMnet0 (Bridged to the physical NIC).
Therefore; for the Service Port, I gave an IP in the range of VMnet8 network. (NAT). So I can use that IP to access the web GUI of WLC from my native PC easily.

Remember to configure the Management VLAN ID correctly in the physical switch.
Virtual Gateway IP is used for Mobility Features and Web Authentication of guest SSIDs.
Other features are just simple wireless networking features..

After the installation is successful, go to a web browser and type https://<service interface IP>
It will show a SSL certificate warning, just ignore it and proceed with advanced options.

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