Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Connect Virtual Devices in UNL/EVE to External Physical Devices

You will need to connect your emulated virtual devices inside UNL/EVE to external real world physical devices often specially if you are going to run wireless or voice labs because access points / ip phones cannot be emulated. This is how I did it.

Go to VMware Workstation >  Edit > Virtual Network Editor
Click on Change Settings.

You will see the VMnet0 is in Auto-Bridging mode.  It means that it will bridge the virtual network 0 to the best path to go to internet. Change it to the physical Ethernet network card which will be used to connect to the external physical devices.

Now go to the Settings of the virtual machine to where you customize the hardware.
Add a Network Adapter and connect it to the custom VM network of VMnet0..

Now you can connect EVE devices to the external devices through pnet clouds.
pnet0 is connected your 1st network adapter..
pnet1 is connected your 2nd network adapter..

So in this setup, what should be used to connect outside physical devices is pnet1..
pnet0 is used with NAT to connect to internet and to manage the UNL/EVE machine from host PC (laptop which the VMware Workstation is hosted)

After adding and connecting a virtual EVE device to the pnet1; connect actual physical device (router/switch etc) to the Ethernet adapter of the laptop and assign ip addresses in the same subnet and it will work..

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