Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to Enable ASDM Access to ASA

Every ASA nowadays comes with the ASDM. When your ASA is booted you can see whether it is there or not by entering the following command to view the contents of the flash:

1st configure the interface which will be used to manage the ASA.

Then enable the http server on the ASA for the network & management interface.

Now it is done. If you want to configure a local username and password for ASDM login, you can do it as following.

Now go to the web browser and enter which I gave as my management interface address, it will prompt warning for https. Ignore the warning by clicking advanced and clicking proceed. (click on the images to see in full size)

You will now have the following page. Install ASDM Launcher, install Java if required.

Commands I entered?

int e0
ip address
nameif MGT
no shut

http server enable
http MGT

username TEST password TEST123
aaa authentication http console LOCAL

Note:- http 0 0 INSIDE allows https access from any source through INSIDE interface

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