Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Get Information from a CDR of Cisco Call Manager

Cisco CDR (Call Detail Records) has all the details of all the calls made in a text format. In this post let's see how we can get more information like time and duration of a call made .

Go to Unified Serviceability page from Navigation and log into the Call Manager.
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Select CDR Analysis & Reporting from Tools tab

Then select Export CDR/CMR from CDR tab

Then select the date range you want and untick CMR records and click Export to File

Then the result will be a link to CDR Dump. Right click on it and Save link as a text file

Then don't open it directly from the file as it is in raw data mode. Go to Microsoft Excel and open the saved CDR text file. This Text Import Wizard will popup. Click Next

Tick Comma and click Next

Click Finish

You will see data in following format.

Most important columns are

dateTimeOrigination (Time of the call initiated) - column E
callingPartyNumber (Originator/Source of the call) - column I
originalCalledPartyNumber (Destination) - column AD
duration (Duration) - column BD

Note:- To find the local date & time you have to use following formula in Excel in a separate column.


Then correct the format of the cell

E2 is the 1st cell with a value of dateTimeOrigination column

+19800 is the value which should be added for my local time (number of seconds for +5.5 hours from Greenwich meantime)

Or you can use this simple tool to get the time. But you will have to use it for one after one. At least it will be helpful to get the formula verified.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Bible of Cisco Routing & Switching?

Received this book about a week ago, only now I had some time to write something about it.
I was looking for a book to study about Cisco networking technologies. So I searched for a complete book about in depth theories which I can read at my free time and use as a reference guide.
Well, I thought the best will be this book which guides Cisco engineers to be experts through their most prestigious certificate. Though I am not pursuing this exam it will be a good material to get more knowledge in networking.

Ordered from Cisco Press website & paid online. Shipping was very fast, it took only 6 days to come to my home in Sri Lanka from USA.

The full name of the book is
CCIE Routing & Switching v5.0 Official Cert Guide Library.

Until I opened the box I thought this is a single book. But it was just the 2 books (volumes) inside a cardboard box.

Quality is good, written by 3 CCIEs, verified by many CCIEs and certified fro the ongoing CCIEs by Cisco. But there are also some bad comments on the Cisco Press website about this book.

Happy reading.. Cheers.!!