Monday, September 28, 2015

Passive Audit with Agilent WireScope Pro

It can test, verify, create detailed or summary reports of the infrastructure easily.

All the required tools and instruments are in the bag. Device is with 2 main parts like the normal cable tester: WireScope Pro & DualRemote Pro. The one with the display is the WireScope and it is doing most of the things like processing and storing data etc.

When the device is booted the main
menu / home page will be like this.
(please click on the image to view the images in original size)

You can create a new site in the Database section which is very easy.
Assuming all the calibrations have done, Just tap on the Autotest
It will lead to the Autotest Setup page.

If the Settings Summary is not ok (Profile, Category & Site name is not as intended) tap on the Edit Settings to chose the settings you want. If you have created a profile previously you can go to Select Settings Profile to choose it from existing profiles.

Category should be selected according to your environment and it is a must.

All the tests done in Cat5E environment will fail if the category is selected as Category 6 Channel.

Select items by tapping on it and exit when your done.

Now connect the WireScope to the patch panel and DualRemote to the wall port. When they are in the correct ports small "click" sound will hear.

Now hit Autotest. It will take few seconds.

With a sound it will show "PASS" on the display if everything went correctly.

Hit Save

Then you can save it in the internal memory or to a pendrive directly through the WireScope.

You can give a name or a number to auto increment etc.

Now after gathering data, use a pendrive to copy the database. It will copy entire database as soon as you plugged it to the USB port.

Plug the pen drive to the laptop and open ScopeData Pro software.

Open existing database and go to the pendrive location, select all and save report as pdf. If you want to save only the summary report; go to print setup and select summary instead of detailed. Detailed report will show as one page per one port.


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